May 2017

How to Achieve Consistency in Your Brand’s Image

Your brand’s image is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal as you grow and strengthen your business. Just as important as building your brand is achieving consistency that allows current and prospective customers to easily identify your company. If you understand the significance of brand consistency and take the steps necessary to achieve consistency, your business will be unstoppable. Why Does Consistency...

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Sep 2016

The Greatest Logo of All Time Is…

There are so many recognizable, unique, and creative logos out there that it might be impossible to pick just one that reigns supreme over the rest, but there are certainly a handful that have proven over time to be the most enduring symbol of their brands. If your own company is ready to work with a graphic designer to build your own great logo, these...

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Aug 2016

The Top Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

We live in the digital age, but that doesn’t mean that the art of paper-driven design and advertising is dead. Look around your space: how many pieces of paper do you see? The truth is, regardless of how digitalized we become, paper will always be useful. So it follows that business cards do still matter. Here is your proof. The Genuine Connection Networking is the...

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Jun 2016

The True Importance of Branding

The concept of branding is very abstract to some people, and it is definitely one that’s easier to understand in your mind than to define it in words. But the major power players in the business world know that the right branding is worth millions, if not billions. Tata Motors of India, for example, bought Jaguar and Range Rover from Ford recently, and can you...

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