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Hamada H234AFor decades, offset printing was the mainstay of the printing industry. Press sizes ranged from a press that would print a single sheet or an envelope to high-speed web offset presses that could print 64 or more pages at a time –– full color, both sides of the sheet.

As the world has become more dependent on digital printing, the use of offset printing has changed. Today, offset is used typically for longer print runs, larger page sizes, matched color, and where image quality is critical.

While digital printing often seems as simple as making a photocopy, offset printing remains more of an art. It takes only months to learn how to run an offset press, but it takes years to become a master press operator.

At ABCO Graphics & Printing, our offset press department produces a finished product that meets or beats the quality of just about any commercial printer in the Tampa Bay area.

Whether our pressmen are running a one-, two-, or full-color printing project, their experience and knowledge of this outstanding technology produces materials that will make you proud and make you look professional.

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