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Three Tricks to Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

Though we now live in a world ruled by online marketing and communication, direct mail campaigns still have an important place and purpose. In fact, Forbes magazine has even declared that direct mail has made a comeback; reading email has become such a mundane task that looking at real, concrete pieces of mail is almost refreshing and exciting!

So the question is, what can you do to help your company’s direct mailers stand out from the others being placed in each mailbox? The following three tips will help your mailer end up pinned to a fridge instead of tossed into the trash.

Make It Useful

Your mailer can look as beautiful as possible, but unless it provides customers with a specific and relevant use, it might not get a second look. It’s a neat idea to make your direct mailer serve a specific purpose, like a New Year’s resolution list, contact list, or calendar. That way, your business information remains posted on the fridge all day, every day, while your direct mailer enjoys daily use. On the other hand, you can also make your direct mailer offer such a great promotion or freebie that customers in your target demographic won’t be able to say no. A 50 percent off sale? A free manicure with the purchase of a nail polish? Whatever it takes to get people looking at your name and address!

Use Texture and Depth

Most direct mailers are thin, flimsy, and flat. Help yours stand out by generating curiosity with its shape. Whether you place a lumpy object inside or use thick, unusual paper, the tactic will get more people to open your mailer. Once it’s opened, your message needs to be relevant and captivating enough to keep the reader’s attention.

Provide a Sample

If your product, or a concept of your product, can be offered in a small, mailable sample size, include it in your mailer! Who doesn’t love testing a perfume sample, afterall? If a sample isn’t possible, try something interactivea scratch-off, for instance. The more engaged with your mailer the reader is, the more likely he will remember your company.


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